TBN’s Smile of a Child

TBN’s Smile of a Child: 24-7 Wholesome TV Parents Trust for Their Kids

In the six years since Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) launched Smile of a Child, its exclusive 24-hour inspirational channel just for kids, the television industry has begun to realize how much parents want quality programming they can trust for their children. Paul Crouch and his wife, Jan Crouch, started Smile of a Child to provide kids a safe network to watch. Other networks have sprung up in the last year or two offering a broad range of entertaining and educational shows for kids. But none has been able to out-perform Smile of a Child in its focused mission of providing the best in children’s television that not only entertains and educates, but enforces the moral and spiritual values that a majority of parents want their children to embrace.

With research showing rising dissatisfaction among parents at the amount of programming airing on television that is inappropriate for children, Smile of a Child has become the go-to network moms and dads trust their kids to watch throughout the day. Brenda Rossman, Smile of a Child TV’s programming director, said efforts to ensure that every program meets TBN’s high standard of both quality and content have paid off.

“Many moms and dads think of Smile of a Child as a ‘safe zone’ for their kids,” explained Rossman. They’ve told me how grateful they are that they don’t have to keep one eye on the TV and a finger on the remote out of concern for what might pop up on the screen.”

That’s because from day one the team at Smile of a Child has successfully combined the best in kids shows, movies, and specials that have been produced over the past few years with exclusive programming that can only be seen on Smile of a Child.

In fact, Smile of a Child has done such a good job at providing the programming moms and dads want their children to watch, that the Parents Television Council (PTC), one of the nation’s most respected media watchdog groups, has presented the network with its prestigious Entertainment Seal of Approval for providing viewers with programming that is consistently wholesome and family-friendly.

“Our goal at Smile of a Child is to provide kids with wholesome entertainment that reinforces the moral and spiritual values parents want their children to learn,” said Paul Crouch Jr., TBN’s Chief of Staff. “And from day one parents have been giving us positive feedback on how we’re doing. In fact, not a day goes by that we don’t get letters, e-mails, and calls from moms and dads thankful that Smile of a Child is there for the kids.”

Surveys show that viewers across the board value the clean, inspirational, and family friendly programming Smile of a Child has to offer. Studies from Beta Research, a leader in media polling, found that the network is sparking high interest among cable and satellite customers, with one Beta Research survey showing that nearly 73 percent of all viewers ages 18 to 49, and 70 percent of viewers ages 25 to 54, were very interested in receiving Smile of a Child.

And because Smile of a Child is the only 24-hour inspirational network devoted entirely to children, its popularity among families across America continues to grow. “Every day new parents are discovering what we have to offer their kids,” noted Rossman. “And they’re saying a huge ‘Yes!’ to quality kids programming through Smile of a Child TV.”

Check out the official Smile of a Child website at www.smileofachild.tv.

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  1. Joshua Hughes says:

    Awesome safe TV show for kids. Paul Crouch is great!

  2. Andrew Decker says:

    #1 to Paul Crouch. When I have kids, I’ll turn this on.

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