TBN’s JCTV: Exciting Television for Today’s Teens and Young Adults

Let’s face it. There’s a lot on television today just made to order for teens and young adults. From the hottest in music videos to the latest in reality programs and extreme sports shows, networks are working overtime to reach out and pull in younger viewers. And right smack in the middle of it all is JCTV, TBN’s 24-hour inspirational network geared for youth. Launched in 2002, JCTV has succeeded in bringing the same intensity and edginess that viewers see on secular youth and music networks to Christian television.

Paul Crouch Jr., Chief of Staff at TBN, noted, “There’s a massive youth audience out there that readily aligns itself with JCTV’s innovative inspirational programming. They applaud it. They return to it. They tell their friends about it. And parents are excited because they know JCTV is not only safe for their teens to watch, but the music, programs, and personalities will encourage and challenge their kids to aim for the best life has to offer.”

“Our goal from the beginning has been to place JCTV on the cutting edge of TV geared for teens and young adults,” said Brandon Crouch, who with JCTV’s vice president for programming, Mark McCallie, works to create faith-based programming that will appeal to 13-29 year-old viewers. “In fact we’re convinced that JCTV is one of the most exciting and innovative youth networks on the air right now. Our 24-hour mix of high-energy Christian music videos, extreme sports shows, and faith-based comedy and entertainment programs has pulled in viewers from all over the world.”

McCallie noted that because JCTV has been breaking new ground in faith-based television, they’ve had to create many of the new shows. “Traditionally there has been very little on television targeting this age group in the faith-based category, so we’ve had to be real creative,” he said. “We’ve had to go out and create shows that are edgy and relevant to youth, while at the same time being clean and family-friendly, and communicating the faith message that TBN is all about.”

That programming includes such popular fare as Xtreme Life, a full-tilt sports show that rivals anything on television. “I’ve been on location for some of these video shoots,” said Crouch, “and let me tell you they’re the real deal. The difference is that the athletes are committed Christians who offer an uplifting and encouraging message to viewers.”

There are also hot shows like TX10, an urban music program hosted by Grammy nominated recording artist T-Bone, and fast-paced reality-based shows like Travel the Road, which follows two young people on their globe-trotting missions adventures. “These kids are hip, they’re committed, and they’re terrific models for young viewers who are looking for purpose in life,” said McCallie.

Check out the official JCTV website at www.jctv.org.

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3 Responses to TBN’s JCTV

  1. Andrew Decker says:

    this is one of the few good shows centered for young. And all thanks to Paul Crouch!

  2. Joshua Hughes says:

    It’s great Paul Crouch centering toward the youth!

  3. kimberly says:

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