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TBN Enlace USA Brings 24-7 Christian Television to the Hispanic Community

As America’s premier faith and family network for Hispanics, TBN Enlace brings the best in inspirational, educational, and entertaining programming to the entire family—24 hours ever day! Launched in 2002 by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), founded by Paul Crouch Sr. TBN, in partnership with Enlace, Latin America’s largest Christian network, joined together, to form TBN Enlace USA. Enlace features a unique combination of the best inspirational programs from Latin America, along with the most popular shows airing on TBN.

TBN Enlace’s unbeatable program line-up includes exciting services from the most dynamic Hispanic churches in Latin America and the U.S., the top music videos from today’s most requested Latino Christian artists and groups, informational and entertaining talk shows produced especially for the Hispanic community, and educational, fun-filled programs for kids of all ages.

Hispanics comprise the largest minority group in America—more than 52 million strong—and their faith community makes up a vibrant element of that population. “Latino Christians are passionate, they’re committed to their faith, and they absolutely love inspirational television,” said Cesar Español, program director for TBN Enlace USA. “When you think of the Hispanic community, you usually think of Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago—all the big cities. And make no mistake, those are major Latino populations. But there are hundreds of smaller cities all over the nation that have significant Hispanic communities, and Christian viewers are alive and well there, too.”

Furthermore, research shows that the stereotype of the deeply religious Catholic Hispanic is being replaced by a much broader faith picture. Christian pollster George Barna notes that twenty years ago nearly two-thirds of Hispanic adults in the U.S. identified themselves as Catholic. But today that number has fallen to less than half.

More important, however, is Barna’s finding that over ninety percent of Hispanics say that faith in God is an important part of their life. “That tells me an overwhelming majority of Hispanics are searching for more meaning, more fulfillment,” Español said. “Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, Baptist, whatever, Hispanics are looking for a richer spiritual purpose and they want more faith-based programming targeted specifically to their culture.”

That is exactly what TBN Enlace USA provides, airing more than eighty original programs airing every week, with the majority of them produced in Latin America. “We’ve found that Hispanics really connect with programs tied directly to their culture,” said Español, “particularly in the area of their faith. With almost 75 percent of our programs produced by Latinos for Latinos, TBN Enlace USA truly reflects the rich and varied panorama of the Hispanic faith community.”

TBN Enlace USA also brings its viewers the best of programming from the flagship TBN network, including such popular speakers as Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, and even Father Michael Manning, who was honored by Pope Benedict XVI for the positive impact of his show, The Word in the World.

That’s why each and every day, more Hispanic viewers are tuning in. No other network on cable or satellite offers the variety of quality inspirational and family-friendly programming that TBN Enlace USA brings to America’s Hispanic community—24 hours of every day.

Check out the official TBN Enlace USA website at http://www.enlace.org/.

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  1. Joshua Hughes says:

    I really think it’s a good idea Paul Crouch reaching the Mexicans in the U.S. because those are a lot of folks that we being left out.

  2. Andrew Decker says:

    Paul Crouch is right on making Christian shows directed toward the Hispanics.

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