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Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s premier faith and family channel, is taking quality Christian television to individuals and families throughout the continent of Africa. “We’re so blessed to have godly and gifted individuals all over the world who work with us to get TBN on the air in their locales,” said TBN founder Paul Crouch. “South Africa is one of those countries where, since 2002, we’ve had a committed team partnering with us to bring the best of Christian programming to every corner of their continent.”

From music, ministry, and church programs, to a whole host of local and international shows designed to encourage, educate, and entertain, TBN Africa is broadcasting the very best of inspirational television to communities throughout Africa. “Through TBN God has empowered us to realize Christ’s promise that we would be His witnesses to the ‘uttermost part of the earth,” said Dr. Crouch. “TBN Africa is helping that happen.”

 You can visit the TBN Africa at www.tbnafrica.co.za. To find out more about TBN log on to www.tbn.org, and visit us at our TBN Facebook page.

4 Responses to TBN South Africa

  1. Joshua Hughes says:

    This is not just a job for Paul Crouch but he really cares about those all over the world.

  2. Andrew Decker says:

    Great job Paul Crouch!!!

    • Fred Omondi Ondewe says:

      In the events of today we appreciate the prophecies of the Bible, we believe that your positioning in evangelical ministry throughout the continent of Africa is a great evidence of God’s strategy for revival of the Church of Christ. Here in Kenya we’re in a believers circle as a family to pray with you every step of the way for God’s own glory. Keep up the good work and may God the author and finisher of this work always be with you.

  3. Sonja van den Berg says:

    I have subscribed to DSTV only approximately a year ago and in the beginning I haven’t even watched TBN very often. However, after I had started reading books by Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen, I also started watching their preachings on TBN. I appreciate the fact that you do everything in your power to keep TBN South Africa runnning, since there are rumours about financial difficulties that you experience. Why is it always that christian programmes suffer from financial problems? The same was the case with Radio Pulpit a while ago. I believe that it is the Scriptures that are being fulfilled: wordly pleasures and self-enriching money making schemes will always draw the attention and God and His Word will always be last on the list….. sad, but true……

    I have only 1 comment to make, or actually it may be seen as criticism (yet presented in a positive manner and to build up!!) I have noticed that Joel Osteen’s programme, OVERCOMER WITH JOEL OSTEEN, is only broadcast once or twice a week (I am not quite sure when, but it seems that the broadcast is only on a Monday and again on a Wednesday????) The ones inbetween are repeats. I think I have my facts about the schedulings all wrong, but the bottom line is that Joel is only seen once or twice PER WEEK on TBN.

    Can this not be rectified? There are other preachers who get more than one turn and whose ministry preachings are on TBN on a daily basis. I am of the opinion that OVERCOMER WITH JOEL OSTEEN is sadly and seriously NEGLECTED. Joel always brightens up my day with the positive messages he brings, messages filled with hope and aspiration that makes one positive to face the future and to look beyond the dark ditches one often finds oneself in.

    I know money is a problem, but if other preachers can have more than one turn on TBN per week, even daily, so can Joel!!!!

    I trust that you will take this criticism in a positive light and do your utmost best to see to it that Joel enjoys his rightful time-slot in your broadcastings!!!!!

    God bless you all
    Sonja van den Berg, Kimberley, South Africa

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