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It started with a vision—to reach individuals, families, and communities, to touch souls, and to change lives through Christian television. That dream became a reality in 1986 when Coenie and Edna Botha first launched their broadcast outreach in the African nation of Namibia. Then in 2001 Trinity Broadcasting Network came alongside to partner with the Bothas in launching TBN Namibia. “TBN Namibia is a dream come true for the people of this wonderful African nation, and for us here at TBN,” said TBN founder Paul Crouch. “With the Bothas and their dedicated team, we are able to send quality faith and family programming throughout the region.”

 For nearly twelve years TBN Namibia has been broadcasting the best in inspirational television to such areas as Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Windhoek, Rehoboth, and Okahandja. That includes the best in TBN’s worldwide programming, in addition to shows produced specifically by and for the people of Namibia. “We’re thankful for such wonderful partners in Namibia—and the world over—who help us bring life-changing programming to every corner of the earth,” said Paul Crouch. “The good news of the gospel is being broadcast over the length and breadth of Namibia because of TBN Namibia.”

 You can visit the TBN Namibia at www.tbnnamibia.tv. To find out more about TBN log on to www.tbn.org, and visit us at our TBN Facebook page.

2 Responses to TBN Nambia

  1. Andrew Decker says:

    I didn’t know that so many Africans had TV’s to watch. But I imagine those that do have TV’s are benefiting from what Paul Crouch has accomplished.

  2. Joshua Hughes says:

    Like what their vision was is happening. I think many individual families are getting touched by the TV program that Paul Crouch had put up.

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