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When Paul and Jan Crouch launched Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and premier inspirational channel, nearly forty years ago, they had little idea the impact their vision would one day have all over the earth. But today, through nearly 80 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide, TBN covers every major continent—including, of course, Europe. “As TBN grew in those early years, we prayed diligently about how we could extend the reach of Christian television across the continent of Europe,” recalled Dr. Paul Crouch. “Today through TBN Europe we are blessed to broadcast all of our major faith-and-family networks to every European nation—and beyond!”

Across Europe, millions of individuals and families tune in every day to TBN’s flagship network, as well as the Church Channel, the JCTV youth network, Smile of a Child kids network, the Arabic language Healing Channel, and Nejat TV in Farsi.

 “Through TBN God has empowered us to realize Christ’s promise that we would be His witnesses to the ‘uttermost part of the earth,’” said Dr. Crouch. “TBN Europe is helping that happen in key parts of the world.”


2 Responses to TBN Europe

  1. Andrew Decker says:

    Whether Paul and Jan Crouch have envisioned it or not. Thanks to them people everywhere are hearing the gospel.

  2. Joshua Hughes says:

    We need more people like Paul Crouch!

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