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Christian television is alive and well in northern Europe, thanks to the presence of Trinity Broadcasting Network in the Baltic state of Estonia. After gaining their independence in 1991, the over one million people of Estonia were immediately opened to the gospel after suffering under the hopelessness of Communism for generations.

“We feel blessed to partner with the committed team at Life TV to take TBN’s Christian programming to the people of Estonia, as well as to Russian and Estonian viewers all over the world,” said Paul Crouch Jr., TBN’s Chief of Staff. “For nearly forty years our goal has been to take the gospel to every corner of the earth through Christian broadcasting. Our partnership with Life TV is helping TBN doing just that.”

Research shows that TBN’s Estonia broadcast is being received through the Internet in over 150 countries, with many people e-mailing and sending letters saying that being able to receive TBN is like having church wherever they are.

Programs like Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day, Believer’s Voice of Victory with Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, and Joyce Meyer’s Life in the Word are impacting lives all over Estonia and throughout the world through the broadcast ministry of TBN.

Valeri Rukovichkin, founder of Life TV, recalled that as he was praying for salvation to come to the people of his nation, he was prompted to read Acts 26:18, with God impressing upon him that He was going to raise up a great light that would turn the people of Estonia “from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to the power of God,” bringing them forgiveness of sin and salvation through Jesus Christ.”

Rukovichkin says that this scripture was like “God’s marching orders to take the gospel to Estonia,” and was the motivation for him to launch Life TV, with which TBN began a successful broadcast partnership in June 1995. Through Life TV, TBN is broadcasting Christian programming 24 hours a day throughout the nation and surrounding area, in Russian and Estonian, as well as in English.

Through Life TV, TBN also broadcasts live via the Internet, allowing Russian and Estonian viewers to access the best in Christian and inspirational programming in their language from anywhere in the world. “So many Russian and Estonian speaking people live and work in places where there is no access to Christian television in their own language,” Rukovichkin pointed out. “Through our live-streaming video, they are able to watch TBN’s great programming wherever they may be.”

To find out more about TBN’s broadcast presence in Estonia, visit us online at www.lifetv.eeor www.lifetv.ru.


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  1. Joshua Hughes says:

    It’s what I like about Paul Crouch “World Wide Missions”

  2. Andrew Decker says:

    I imagine that a lot of people are getting saved through what Paul Crouch is doing.

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