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With the partnership of Family TV, the Trinity Broadcasting Network is taking quality Christian television to the east African nation of Kenya. “We have certainly been blessed with committed groups like Family TV who work with us to get TBN’s faith and family programming on the air in their locales,” said TBN founder Paul Crouch. “Kenya has a rich heritage of godly men and women who have carried the gospel to every corner of the nation. And Family TV is carrying on that legacy by providing 24-hour Christian television that encourages and inspires viewers all over Kenya.”

 Added Dr. Crouch: “We’re thankful for such wonderful partners who are helping us bring life-changing programming to every corner of the earth. Because of Family TV, TBN is able to broadcast the good news of the gospel over the length and breadth of Kenya.”

 You can visit the TBN Kenya at www.familykenya.com. To find out more about TBN log on to www.tbn.org, and visit us at our TBN Facebook page.

2 Responses to TBN Africa

  1. Andrew Decker says:

    Thumbs up for Paul Crouch reaching Africa!

  2. Andrew Decker says:

    I know Kenya needs Christian media as much as we do! Good job Paul Crouch!

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