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TBN Second Chance Takes Hope to Men and Women Behind Bars

With over two million adults serving time in America’s correctional facilities, a great need exists for programs that bring hope and encouragement to men, women, and youth behind bars. Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s most-watched […]

“Passion of the Christ” Comes to TBN during Easter Week

The week leading up to Easter Sunday has always been a special season at Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s most-watched faith channel. And for good reason: during holy week Christians around the world commemorate the […]

TBN Responds to Articles, Allegations Concerning Network Finances

Trinity Broadcasting Network has responded to a recent round of news articles detailing accusations by former employees that TBN’s officers participated in financial misappropriation and extravagant living at the expense of the network’s donors. TBN attorney and spokesman Colby May […]

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TBN Founder Paul Crouch: Leading the Way for Christian Broadcasting

You might say the vision for Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s favorite source for faith-and-family TV, started way back when a youth named Paul Crouch got interested in amateur radio and soon informed his family […]

Paul Crouch with Joel Osteen

For Matt Crouch, Impacting Programming Keeps TBN Number One

For Matt Crouch, TBN’s Vice President of Programming, creating impacting and entertaining Christian movies and shows has been a family affair. After all, he is the son of TBN’s founders Paul Crouch and mother Jan Crouch, who built the world’s largest […]

iTBN Means Real-Time Christian Programming Everywhere You Are

Just three weeks after its September 15th launch, iTBN has inspired people in 137 different countries to click play. Part of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) ongoing effort to offer viewers a comprehensive “multi-screen television environment,” iTBN is one of the […]

New Shows, Viewer Favorites Keep Smile of a Child Number One for Wholesome Kid’s TV

While they may not know it, December 25, 2005 was a special date for kids all over the world. It was on that Christmas Day that Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest Christian network and America’s favorite faith-and-family channel, launched […]

Smile of a Child Launches New Season of Wholesome, Kid-Friendly Movies

What’s better than a cozy evening of entertaining and uplifting movies the whole family can enjoy? The folks at Smile of a Child, the 24-hour channel for kids of all ages, know how challenging it can be for moms, dads, […]

Paul Crouch Jr. Hosts Harvest Crusade at Dodger Stadium with Pastor Greg Laurie

“We’re honored by the invitation and the opportunity to bring the gospel message of hope and healing to the world as people recall the 10th anniversary of 9/11,” Paul Crouch said. Continue reading

TBN Presents Special Weekend to Remember 9-11 Tragedy

On the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, Trinity Broadcasting Network memorializes America’s national tragedy with a weekend of programming focused on miracles and remembrance. “The tragedy of 9/11 is something that America will never forget,” said Paul Crouch, […]