Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is the co-star and producer of The Way of the Master, a show on Paul Crouch’s network, TBN. Kirk’s life and ministry are completely centered on sharing the gospel of Christ. In Way of the Master, Kirk and his friend Ray Comfort teach believers who tune in how to share the gospel biblically and effectively. They have observed that most Christians do not share their faith and many that do are lacking in their presentations. In the program, Kirk will talk about issues that we must consider when sharing Jesus with others, give practical examples and illustrative stories, and then he and Ray will model by actively witnessing to people in the streets.

When Kirk was very young, he entered the world of acting. He was the star of the sitcom Growing Pains and known around the world before he could even drive. His family never took him to church and he was strongly atheistic. He had everything a teenager could want and he thought the Bible and God were fairy tales. However, when he was seventeen he had a conversation that changed his life. He met a girl that he liked and was trying to get on the good side of her parents. While talking to her father, the man confronted Kirk about the Lord and asked him to go to church with the family. Still hoping for a date, Kirk agreed and it was the first time he had ever heard the gospel. The message could not escape him. He felt so guilty about his sin and so grateful to Christ; he trusted Christ a short time later while sitting alone in his car.

Now Kirk travels the country speaking at schools, churches, and conferences, in addition to his broadcast that appears weekly on TBN. He is constantly returning to the message of the gospel. That seventeen year old boy who had everything the world had to offer completely changed his priorities that day in his car. From Kirk and Ray’s website, they explain the purpose of their ministry this way: “As a ministry, our sole purpose is to inspire and equip Christians—to teach them how to share the gospel simply, effectively, biblically . . . the way Jesus did.”

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