Jesse Duplantis

One of the most unique and loved ministers of our generation, Jesse Duplantis has been brining his unforgettable combination of anointed Bible preaching and hilarious life lessons every week to Trinity Broadcasting Network for years. Known worldwide for his uncontained joy and exuberant, evangelistic spirit, Jesse Duplantis is often told that he is “the only preacher my husband and kids will watch!” Said TBN founder Paul Crouch: “Here at TBN we can certainly attest to the large volume of mail we get from people telling us how much they love tuning in to ‘Brother Jesse’ every week. He’s been a TBN favorite for a long time now!”

Who watches the Jesse Duplantis program on TBN? People who “hate preachers” watch the program. Kids who “don’t like church” watch the program. Strong, Bible-believing Christians and people who haven’t yet decided where they stand with God all tune in to watch Jesse Duplantis on TBN.

Why? It’s not just because “Jesse’s funny” and it’s not just because “Jesse’s real.” People watch the program because Jesse Duplantis is a true evangelist and revivalist. It’s the anointing of Jesus Christ on the evangelist to reach the ‘unreachable’ and it’s the anointing of Jesus Christ on the revivalist to rekindle the fire in believers.

People watch Jesse Duplantis because they need Jesus—and Jesus is the message on the Jesse Duplantis program every week. “Whether you need a deep touch from God, or you need to have the fire re-kindled in your soul, you’ll be encouraged and strengthened by Jesse Duplantis Ministries on TBN,” said Paul Crouch. “Tuning in is like having an old friend speaking joy and faith to you every week.”

Jesse Duplantis Ministries can be seen every week around the world via TBN’s global network and televisions stations, cable affiliates, and satellites. For program times and dates log on to the Jesse Duplantis broadcast pages at TBN and the Church Channel. And to learn more about the ministry of Dr. Jesse Duplantis, visit

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  1. Mr and Mrs Lowe tks soo much we r faithful viewers having facing tradgedy of losing our only son quinton T B N has truly encouraged and uplifted us .Our heavenly father will complete what he started n our lives. our heavenly father allow me his mom 2 c hi says:

    Jessie Duplantis my husband and i watch T B N faithfully thank our heavenly father 4 u. We r suffering the lost of our beloved Quinton who had his homecoming n jan 2011 our only son pls pray tks !! Also pray 4 our families salvation tks!!

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