Ed Young, Jr.

Paul Crouch uses TBN to bring many Bible teachers to his huge viewing audience. One of these is Ed Young, the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Bible in Grapevine, Texas. Ed’s father, Dr. Ed Young Sr., has been leading a church in Houston, Texas since 1978, and in North Carolina before then. Ed grew up watching his dad pastor and he has followed in his footsteps.

Ed went to Florida State University to play basketball on scholarship. Following God’s calling to the ministry, he transferred to Houston Baptist University to finish his bachelor’s degree. Then he traveled to Fort Worth to earn a Master’s degree in divinity from Southwestern Baptist Seminary. In 1990, Ed and his wife Lisa started Fellowship Bible Church in Grapevine with a small number of families. Today it has grown from 150 people to thousands across five campuses in the DFW metroplex and one in Miami.

Ed’s sermons can be seen on TBN, Fellowship’s webpage, and edyoung.com. His messages are highly evangelistic and energetic. He speaks clearly and plainly in order to communicate the gospel to anyone who will listen. No matter what topic he is speaking on, he always comes back to the centrality of Christ in our lives.

In addition to his role as pastor, Ed is also a frequent conference speaker and leadership expert. His ministry, Creative Pastors, is designed to equip pastors for teaching and leadership in their churches. There you can find Ed’s books on leading, parenthood, marriage, and the pastor and resources that he has designed for planning sermons, leading church conferences, and designing Bible studies. On his blog, Ed wrote, “One of the things I enjoy most is equipping leaders (both in and out of the church) to help them reach their full potential.”

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