Dr. James Merritt

James Merritt is the senior pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia. His ministry, Touching Lives, broadcasts the messages from his church every Sunday on TBN, which is the Christian television network founded by Paul Crouch. From the Touching Lives website: “Dr. Merritt’s purpose remains to bring the lost to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. His messages deliver the life-changing Gospel in a way that those who hear its words can readily apply them to the problems and concerns we all face in our daily lives.”

Dr. Merritt trusted Christ when he was nine years old and at twenty-one he made a commitment to full time ministry. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Stetson University before enrolling in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. While there he received a Master’s Degree in Divinity and a PhD in philosophy. He has since pastured churches in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia and written several books including topics on Christian living, fatherhood, and leadership.

In January of 2003, Dr. Merritt and his wife Theresa joined with several families as a satellite campus of another church. The church bought a warehouse and began construction while meeting in a local high school on Sunday mornings. A year and a half later the building was ready for move in. The first Cross Point meeting at the church’s present site was in August of ’04. Now the church regularly has near 2,000 in attendance and, through the televised ministry, reaches millions around the world with the teaching of the Word of God.

Touching Lives is the manifestation of the ministry into broadcast media. Dr. Merritt and Theresa desire to plainly and powerfully teach the gospel to as many as they can possibly reach. From the ministries website, “Touching Lives was established to unashamedly proclaim the Gospel of Christ through God’s love, power and plan for everlasting life. To that end, we are eternally committed.”

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