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Changing Your World with Dr. Creflo Dollar, seen daily on Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Church Channel, is helping countless individuals and families around the world find and fulfill their destiny in Christ. “Dr. Creflo Dollar has ministered to us powerfully over the years, as well as to the millions of folks who tune in regularly to Changing Your World on TBN and the Church Channel,” said TBN’s founder Dr. Paul Crouch. “Our thanks to Dr. Dollar, Taffi, and the staff of Creflo Dollar Ministries for their commitment to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ with power and excellence.”

For Dr. Dollar, excellence is a way of life. The founder of World Changers Ministries, a global ministry anchored by the 23,500-member World Changers Church International near Atlanta, Georgia, insists on that standard in every area of life and ministry. And nowhere is that commitment to excellence seen more fully than in how Dr. Dollar teaches and preaches the Word of God with simplicity and power.

“We believe that the precise understanding of God’s Word is the gateway to change in people’s lives,” says Dr. Dollar. “From finances to walking in divine health, we are committed to equipping people all over the world with the knowledge and wisdom they need to make decisions that will positively impact their futures.”

Long before the Internet connected people around the world, Dr. Dollar and his wife Taffi took up the charge to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in every corner of the globe. Early on they realized that television was one of the most effective ways to reach people on a global scale. “Television is more than a communication medium,” explains Dr. Dollar. “Through it we have been able to effectively ‘Tell the Vision’ of God’s purpose to love and transform every person on the face of earth through Jesus Christ.”

Through Changing Your World, the daily television broadcast seen daily on TBN and the Church Channel, Creflo Dollar Ministries is impacting people all over the world and releasing God’s vision of destiny for them. Now reaching nearly one billion homes on six continents, Changing Your World is helping to change the lives of individuals, families, and communities through Jesus Christ.

Changing Your World with Dr. Creflo Dollar can be seen daily around the world via TBN’s global network and televisions stations, cable affiliates, and satellites. For program and dates log on to the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast pages at TBN and the Church Channel. And to learn more about the ministry of Dr. Creflo Dollar, visit

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