Jan Crouch

Jan Crouch will be the first to tell you, she’s been richly blessed. As the child of pioneering ministers in the Pentecostal movement, and as one of Christian television’s most recognizable founders, Mrs. Crouch has been witness to some of the most powerful moves of God in this generation. “God has been good, through the mountains, the valleys, and everywhere in between,” she recalled recently. “The richest blessing by far has been to know that whatever comes our way, he is our great and unchanging reward.”

A southern belle who grew up in the heart of Dixie, Mrs. Crouch enjoyed the benefits of a deep spiritual heritage as her father, the Rev. Edgar Bethany, pastored in the Assemblies of God denomination and helped to found what is now Southeastern University, a highly respected Christian university located in Lakeland, Florida.

While a student at Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri, Mrs. Crouch met the love of her life—and lifelong ministry partner—Dr. Paul Crouch, who was studying at nearby Central Bible College. In 1957, the young couple married and soon began a ministry in Christian broadcasting that would lead them in 1973 to found Trinity Broadcasting Network. Under the direction of Mrs. Crouch and her husband, TBN has become the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s most watched faith channel. And as the third largest group owner of broadcast TV stations in America, TBN now reaches every major continent via 78 satellite channels and over 20,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide.

Over the past nearly 40 years Mrs. Crouch has been one of TBN’s key architects, helping to launch and guide the most impacting networks in Christian television, including:

  • TBN Flagship Network, America’s premier faith-and-family channel, featuring the most popular religious programs available worldwide, along with a 24-hour line-up of music, variety, talk, and exclusive movies and special features.
  • JCTV, the 24-hour network geared for teens and young adults, featuring cutting-edge Christian music videos, reality and game shows, relevant talk programs, comedy, extreme sports, and much more.
  • The Church Channel, the only 24-hour network featuring America’s most popular church services from a wide variety of Protestant and Catholic congregations.
  • TBN Enlace USA, America’s premier round-the-clock Spanish language faith network.
  • Smile of a Child TV, the exclusive kids network featuring 24-hour wholesome programming that parents can trust for their children.

But Mrs. Crouch’s influence reaches far beyond Christian television. In 2007, she was instrumental in TBN’s purchase and expansion of the Holy Land Experience, an exciting Bible-based family theme park in Orlando, Florida, which she presently serves as creative director and operations manager.

Mrs. Crouch is also founder of a very special outreach called the Smile of a Child Foundation, which lovingly provides medical supplies, food, clothing, and toys to underprivileged children around the world. After Haiti’s devastating earthquake, Smile of a Child was quickly on the scene with a shipment of tons of relief goods. Among its other ongoing projects are a medical clinic in Costa Rica, a children’s hospital in Haiti, and mobile medical clinics that are being prepared for needy children and their families all over the world.

With all the broadcast ministry and outreach projects on her plate, many folks wonder when Mrs. Crouch takes time to relax, reflect on what God has done in her life, and think about taking it easy. Her answer is quick in coming: “I’m getting way too much fun and fulfillment out of doing what God has put in front of me to even think about slowing down. The truth its, we’re excited to see what he has in store for TBN and all of our outreach ministries in the days ahead. Loving God, loving people, and doing His will—that’s the fulfillment of our ongoing dream.”

For more about TBN and its outreach ministries, visit www.tbn.org, www.tbnnetworks.com, and www.holylandexperience.com.

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  5. Andrew Decker says:

    Paul Crouch was probable able to accomplish so much with the help of his wife.

  6. Joshua Hughes says:

    Paul,and Jan make a great team.

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  8. Jessamyn pierce says:

    I love what you do jan you are the most amazing person I have ever ment may god bless you more and more every day love you jan love you

  9. Linda Ruth Adams says:

    I love Paul and Jan!!! I have been watching TBN since the 80′s, am partner also. Paul and Jan are solid and trustworthy in what they do at TBN!!! Most of all the let The Holy Spirit have freedom there!!!!!

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