TBN Series ‘Great Souls’ Offers Insight Into Lives of Influential Individuals

Some have heard the cheers of millions of people. Others have clung to life in subhuman conditions as a result of their race, religion or political viewpoint. All are considered “Great Souls” and are the subject of a new series airing Wednesday evenings this fall on TBN.

Singled out for their contributions to the betterment of mankind, the American Trademark Pictures series will devote a half-hour program to each of six personalities considered to have exerted great influence in winning people to their cause, including American evangelist Billy Graham; the late Pope John Paul II; anti-apartheid activist and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela; novelist, historian and Russian prison camp survivor, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; the late Mother Teresa, who spent her life working with deathly ill and impoverished residents of Calcutta, India; and author and journalist Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor whose work on behalf of persecuted peoples around the world earned him a Nobel Peace Prize.

Noted journalist David Aikman, a former senior correspondent for TIME magazine, serves as the program’s host. He will conduct special interviews throughout the six-part series with a variety of special guests, including Wiesel, Solzhenitsyn, David Frost, William F. Buckley and Billy Graham’s son, evangelist Franklin Graham.

The series will also include symphonic tributes performed by the Virginia Beach Symphony Orchestra, a quarter-century old ensemble comprised of more than one hundred musicians.

“Great Souls” is just one of many inspiring quality productions currently airing on TBN. The program is one of two American Trademark Pictures productions that are featured on the network’s schedule this fall. The other, “Against All Odds: In Search of a Miracle” is a 13-part series of compelling true stories of Israeli survival in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

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