TBN Founder Paul Crouch: Leading the Way for Christian Broadcasting

You might say the vision for Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s favorite source for faith-and-family TV, started way back when a youth named Paul Crouch got interested in amateur radio and soon informed his family that he would one day “send the gospel around the world.”

Of course, that vision took a few years to develop and would ultimately turn in the direction of a new technology called television that was then in its infancy as a young Paul Crouch headed off to Bible college in Springfield Missouri. In the meantime, this son of Pentecostal missionaries, with a vision that spanned the globe, bided his time and thoroughly mastered every inch of the broadcast industry from the ground up. That included stints as radio announcer, television station manager, and even head of a newly-formed television and film department for a major Pentecostal denomination.

He also married the love of his life, and lifelong ministry partner, Jan Crouch, and in 1973, beginning with one tiny UHF station—and a whole lot of faith and vision—this trailblazing couple launched what was destined to become the most influential religious broadcast entity in the world.

“When we started this amazing journey nearly forty years ago, we had little idea that one day TBN’s influence would span the globe with 24-hour faith and family broadcasting,” recalled Dr. Crouch, who today is revered around the world as one of Christian television’s true pioneers. “But we knew we were pioneers of sorts, and we felt a responsibility to use all the resources at our command to bring our growing audience the very best in inspirational, religious, and family-friendly programming.”

Today across America and around the world TBN stands for the finest in faith-and-family television. Currently ranked as the third largest television broadcast group in America, TBN reaches every major continent via 70 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide. And through Dr. Crouch’s leadership TBN has expanded to over ten distinct global inspirational networks, including:

  • TBN Flagship Network, America’s premier faith-and-family channel, featuring the most popular religious programs available worldwide, along with a 24-hour line-up of music, variety, talk, and exclusive movies and special features.
  • JCTV, the 24-hour network geared for teens and young adults, featuring cutting-edge Christian music videos, reality and game shows, relevant talk programs, comedy, extreme sports, and much more.
  • The Church Channel, the only 24-hour network featuring America’s most popular church services from a wide variety of Protestant and Catholic congregations.
  • TBN Enlace USA, America’s premier round-the-clock Spanish language faith network.
  • Smile of a Child TV, the exclusive kids network featuring 24-hour wholesome programming that parents can trust for their children.

Thanks to the faith, vision, and persistence of Dr. Paul Crouch, individuals, families, and communities in just about every nation of the world can experience the message of the gospel and be encouraged through the miracle of Christian TV.

“This has been a labor of love every step of the way,” said Dr. Crouch, reflecting on his over 50 years of service to Christian broadcasting. “Love for Christ and His gospel of life, and love for the countless millions of individuals and families who have been touched by God’s message through the power of inspirational television.”

For more about Trinity Broadcasting Network and all of its faith-and-family channels, visit www.tbn.org and www.tbnnetworks.com.

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21 Responses to TBN Founder Paul Crouch: Leading the Way for Christian Broadcasting

  1. Franky Pears says:

    Im so thankful to have TBN and the other networks like JCTV! Thank you Paul Crouch for making these for us to watch!

  2. Devora Clark says:

    I am so thrilled to see TBN in Israel! Praise the Lord for this mighty miracle, and for the Kingdom seeds that are being planted in this end time regathering of Yeshua’s people:) Blessings and Shalom:)

  3. Noeleen Sohtra says:

    I luv Dr. Paul Crouch, he is the best. I watch behind the scenes almost every night. I think he is doing a great job of spreading Lord’s name in the world. I luv the way he starts every Bts with a beautiful verse from Bible. May God bless him & his family. Also he did a great job raising his sons. All prayers are with Dr. Crouch.



  5. Ellen Sheehy says:

    Thank you Paul Crouch, Jan and family, for all these years of working to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. I’m sure you faced many challenges, and no doubt you have been persecuted and critisized all along the way. No wonder! Look at TBN today – unquestionably the worlds largest Christian Tv Network. Your international networks allow TBN to air programs all around the planet, including countries that are closed to Christianity. Only eternity will tell the truth about how many millions of people have been saved through the ministry of TBN, Paul Crouch, Jan Crouch, and now Paul Crouch Jr., Matt and Laurie Crouch, and also their children who are rising up to work with TBN. I know TBN is not about Paul Crouch, but certainly the Crouch family have been obedient to pioneer this ministry. TBN is staffed by people that, together, have made all of this possible. Also, TBN would not be possible without the millions of faithful partners that have donated funds to support this network. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Paul & Jan for all your years of dedicated service to the Lord and His people. Your TV network has blessed my life and millions of others for so long. God bless, Love your ministry. Keep up the great work for the Lord!

    Gregg N. Huestis

  7. Shirley Carroll says:

    Love the TBN family and the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Inspirational, comforting, received healing many times during various broadcasts..the power of the Holy Ghost is international! May God continue this mighty heritage in the Crouch family. I understand Brandon was recently married..congrats to him and his lovely bride. God grant you all all long life which is ever spiritually fruitful as we look forward to the soon coming of Jesus When he takes us home we shall live with him and one another forever, praise his name! The signs of the times are everywhere. May we continue to pray and stand with Israel the US Gov’t will “once” again honor the promise God gave to the people, thru whom he chose to reveal his son as the true Messiah! Love you all!

  8. Penny LaGasse' says:

    Be Blessed Dr. Crouch,
    I have been a TBN partner for years and it is such a Glory to God!
    It is also such a blessing to see that your sons are carrying out your dream and mission, right along side you and Jan. I enjoy seeing them both and am always so tickled at how much Matt and Laurie remind me of You and Jan, back in the day!
    Thank you for your faithfulness,
    Penny from fLORiDa

  9. Anita Davis says:

    I was born the day You and Jan were married. Finding this out in 1979, put a different dimension on my birthday every year since. I pray for You both and Your ministry daily but on April 28th especially.
    Thank You Paul and Jan for your unwavering, steadfastness in the Lord.
    God Bless You and TBN,

  10. Linda and Charlie Weddle says:

    Surely glad you were open to the word from God. We appreciate you , Jan and the boys and their families. Please keep on keeping on.

  11. To Paul and Lady Jane:

    It comes a time in Christian’s life when they should confess with their own mouth about the great things that God has manifested in their life, and here is my opportunity. About 9 years ago I was utterly depressed about my life. The choices I had made and the consequences that arised from those decisions. I started watching TBN because, I knew and believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and knew that one day I was going to heaven. But, I thought to myself is this all that God has for me just to believe in him and Jesus? By watching TBN I began to get a deeper knowledge of who Christ was and the desire’s God personally for me. I began listening and watching ever telecast I could, anytime I could. I begin pledging during the telathon’s and begin to see God personally working in my life. My daily prayers began to be answered because, I learned what to pray for. My needs instead of my what’s but, God didn’t stop there. I began to listen to pastor’s like Benny Hinn, clarence McClendon, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Ron Carpenter. Then I heard Benny Hinn preaching about the “Widow’s Pot of Oil” 2 Kings 4, after the airing of that message I asked myself. Well if God is the same today as he was yesterday and forever then he could do the samething for me today. I turned and I looked in my kitchen for something I could ask God to bless for me, since I heard his words coming from the preacher (Benny Hinn) and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit came to me and told me that I could start a candy business. Of course one thing lead to another and today although we have just started our home business 9 month’s ago I am proud to announce that our name is Heavenly Sweet “A Taste of Heaven”. Thank you Paul and Jane for your vision 41 year+ ago. My God continue to enrich and bless you and your generations forever.
    From the Heavenly Sweet Family to yours! Thank you for bringing God’s word (Jesus) into our live’s!
    P.S. Jane we will be sending you your precious dolls for this years mission trip, and yes we are contributor’s of spreading the gospel throughout the world. Pray that we to one day can buy a satellite dish for Pappa Paul this year too!

  12. karen talbott says:

    TBN has truly changed my life…….. it has been my lifeline, my school, my sanctuary, my best friend, the place where i am safe, please kno how much i appreciate all the work for the spread of the gospel , i kno that we are all investing in eternity. praise the Lord…. thank u paul crouch for being my hero. tanx to TBN. amen and amen

  13. God Bless you Mr. Paul Crauch.
    I’m glad with the things God made tru your life.

    God Bless you


  14. morris madho says:

    dear sir i am a hindu convert .i put yor dish in my roof. we are blessed by your mnistry. my hindu frand came and see your programe thanks pray for me morris madho pune near bombay india

  15. Ramona says:

    ?”Thank you Paul and your family.”and for all you and Jan have done for Father God Almighty, in Jesus Christ name. I’m praying for you.

  16. TBN says:

    Dr. Crouch – Please get well soon. TBN isn’t the same without you!

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  19. Don Wilson says:

    It’s amazing how something that starts so small can grow and bless so many people!

  20. Ronn says:

    is all I can say when I think of pioneers like brother paul and what he has done for christian t.v.. He and a few others like him have helped me to believe that there is hope for anyone with a God given dream.
    I have been so inspired that I created christiantube.us to see where it will go and to see if maybe that same blessing will show on our work.
    May God bless you all at T.B.N.

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