For Matt Crouch, Impacting Programming Keeps TBN Number One

For Matt Crouch, TBN’s Vice President of Programming, creating impacting and entertaining Christian movies and shows has been a family affair. After all, he is the son of TBN’s founders Paul Crouch and mother Jan Crouch, who built the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s premier faith channel by providing viewers with the best in inspirational and family-friendly programming. And his brother, Paul Crouch Jr., TBN’s Chief of Staff, is a noted producer who has created commercials and programming for some of the giants in both the corporate and Christian world.

“I’ve had the blessing to be immersed my whole life in both the creative and technical side of broadcasting, as well as the ministry realm of Christian television and production,” he noted. “That’s really impacted who I am today, both in my career and ministry outreach.”

From the time he was old enough to help out, Matt found himself behind the scenes at the TBN studios in Southern California, pitching in wherever he was needed, from cleaning up, building sets, and operating cameras, to helping create and produce some of TBN’s award-winning and compelling inspirational programming.

Along the way he developed a keen interest in Christian cinema, serving as co-producer for one of TBN’s early movie successes, the gripping drama The China Cry. That effort convinced Matt that there was a place for movie-makers like himself who had a heart for creating films that combined compelling stories, top-notch production values, talented actors committed to their craft, and—most importantly—compelling themes of God’s love and mercy.

In 1999, Matt and his wife Laurie took a step of faith on that vision and founded Gener8Xion Entertainment, a faith-based movie production company based in the heart of Hollywood that has gone on to produce some of the most popular and successful movies in Christian Cinema, including The Omega Code, Carman: The Champion, Megiddo, One Night with the King, and, most recently, the life-changing documentary The Cross.

“One of the most rewarding things we’ve had the privilege of doing is to produce films that not only entertain, but that have the power to change lives,” reflected Matt. “Laurie and I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that many years from now, individuals and families will still be impacted by these timeless movies.”

In addition to producing movies, Matt continues his role with TBN, currently serving along side his parents and brother, Paul Crouch Jr., as the network’s Vice President. He and Laurie are most visible as regular hosts of TBN’s popular and award-winning daily program, Praise the Lord. “Laurie and I love staying connected to what’s happening with believers around the nation and world,” Matt said. “Hosting Praise the Lord enables us to introduce TBN’s viewers to pastors, musicians, authors, ministry heads, and other dynamic Christians who are making a difference for the kingdom. And that’s really what TBN is all about—connecting people to God’s heart of mercy and love, and helping them be a part.”

Added Matt’s father Paul Crouch Sr., “Jan and I are proud and humbled to watch how our kids—and now our grandchildren—have taken the vision we had so many years ago, and helped to take TBN’s ministry and impact to a whole new level. Only eternity will reveal the fruit that has come from that sacrifice.”

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